Bedford-Union Armory in Crown Heights Development Underway

As a neighborhood, Crown Heights has a deep-rooted history, rich in culture and it’s undergone a fair share of change over the years that make it what it is today. Residents come from all walks of life, some who’s families have been here for generations and others who are newly transplanted to the area. What’s undeniable for all are the ongoing developments happening all around, whether residential, retail, or otherwise. Many times these changes are the result of many years of planning and oftentimes points of contention. The Bedford-Union Armory located on 1579 Bedford Ave, (just a glance away from Prosper’s Crown Heights locale) is no exception. Previously known as the Troop C Armory, the building has been around for just over a century, occupying almost a full city block. Troops were stationed at the Armory until 2011 and the city has sought to redevelop the site since 2013. Since then plans for the space have been the topic of debate amongst city officials, developers and Crown Heights residents.

Fast forward to 2019, and the latest plans include the following: 415 units of housing, 250 of which will be affordable to low-income individuals and families, A new state-of-the-art rec center (with full-sized pool) open to the public, a community event space, and office space for non-profits. Developers are counting on the new Bedford-Union Armory to strengthen the community and provide opportunities for Crown Heights families. Only time will reveal how this vision will play out and how it will impact the neighborhood’s narrative.

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