How to Get Your Boss to Pay For Your Workspace

How to get your boss to pay for your workspace

How can you convince someone else to cover your Prosper Gowork membership ($99/month)?

So you want to join a shared workspace. And you think your company (or client) should pay. But you don’t really know how to start the conversation. Let’s start by asking you a few questions, so you can go on to present the right questions and answers to your employer.

How much do you enjoy your commute to work?

Would eliminating the wait for crowded, delayed trains, or the crawl through traffic give you an extra hour of work time? Would that make you less stressed and more productive?

If you work from home – how’s your work-life balance? Do you have a distraction-free, motivating space?

How would working from a beautiful, professional space, right near your home, improve your quality of life and the quality of your work?

At just $99/month, a Prosper Gowork membership is not a big financial commitment for many companies, especially when weighed up against the boost to overall productivity.

So how do you present your case?

If you work from home:

It’s well documented that working from home, especially working from your couch, kitchen table or bed, is less productive than working almost anywhere else. By heading to a designated workspace, surrounded by like-minded individuals, you can not only separate home and work, but will also likely find you get a lot more done in a shorter space of time. Our Goworkers find the quality of their work greatly improves when they step out of their distraction-filled home.

Whether you’re on-staff or a contractor, if your company offers other people on your team office space, they should be able to pay for yours, too.

Anyone who is expected to take professional calls, dial into video conferences, or meet clients face-to-face, needs a quiet, reliable and professional space to do so. Prosper Gowork offers exactly that for the same price as daily lattes at your local crowded cafe, and without the background noise from your toddler, neighbor’s dog or sirens that al.

Paying for your Prosper workspace also gives the company a dedicated business address in Brooklyn, NY and can help them test out a new market, without all the set up costs of a satellite office.

If you commute:

Many Brooklynites are trying not to think about how much worse the commute could be in a year’s time, when the L train shuts down, increasing the loads on the JMZ and G, and connecting lines. But most people know it’s going to be pretty bad.

Now’s the time to start looking at how your could improve your work-life balance, and productivity: How many hours of the day or week are you needed for face-to-face interactions with your colleagues? Do you need to attend all those meetings? How many hours of solid work do you achieve in a day, and how many hours do you spend discussing plot twists in your favorite TV shows? Could some of your meetings move to phone or video conference? Do you need to be physically present in the office from 9am-5pm? Many progressively-minded companies are accepting that not all work needs to happen during regularly office hours and are offering flexibility.

How would something like this boost your productivity? Avoid rush hour and work from a Prosper workspace near your home in the morning (perhaps from 7am – 11am), either hit the gym for an hour, or travel to the office for an afternoon meeting, then head back to Prosper in the evening. Most employees conduct most of their collaborative chat on platforms like Slack anyway, and you’ll be amazed by how much you get through when you avoid the distractions of everyday office chit-chat.

If you work from another shared workspace:

Well then that’s easy! Prosper is easily the best value for money in Brooklyn. It’s $99/month, no catch, for a seat in our beautiful, bright space, access to private phone booths and meeting rooms for your video conferences. It’s a professional place to bring clients, host large meetings and to seal deals.

We’re expanding through Brooklyn – sign up now!

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