House Rules

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Welcome to Prosper Gowork!

We are very excited to welcome you to our community of Goworkers and hope you will be very productive whether using the Bushwick location or Crown Heights. To ensure the comfort and productivity of all our members, we ask for your cooperation with the following:

Food Policy:

  • Please keep all food to the kitchen areas of Prosper locations. Food mess and smells can be a distraction to other members having a productive work day so we ask that all food be consumed in the kitchen or outdoor areas only.
  • Members and Guests must wash their own cups and glasses!


  • Fridge, microwave and coffee station are for member use. Only coffee, tea, milk and sugar are for community use. Everything else in fridge belongs to individuals
  • Members should clear their own trash and wash coffee mugs after use.
  • Please be respectful of noise levels when chatting with other members.
  • Food is permitted in kitchen and backyard only.

Phone booths:

  • These spaces are designed for brief phone calls only. Once you have completed your call, please feel free to work at the shared desks, on the couch, or anywhere else in the space.

Greenhouses (Bushwick only):

  • These spaces each have 3 desks that can be reserved if you need semi-private space for your workday. Great for small teams because you can close the door and have privacy to talk amongst yourselves.
  • No food in these rooms.

Large and small conference rooms in the Library (Both Locations):

  • These spaces are designed for group meetings and not as individual workstations.
  • Please book these spaces by logging into your Prosper account and selecting “bookings”. Please clear the rooms once your allotted meeting time is complete.
  • No food in these rooms.

Open desks and standing desks (standing desks Bushwick only):

  • All seats at the open desks are first, come first served. Prosper does not have designated desks.
  • You may not reserve desks by leaving your computer or backpack in a seat. If you move to the couch or to another table, please take your things with you.

Prosper Ground Level:

  • While all of Prosper is designed for productive and professional work, the Greenhouse level is conducive to quiet conversation and collaboration.

Prosper Library Level (downstairs both locations):

  • The Library is for quiet work and conferences.

Prosper Garden:

  • Relax in our garden to get some work done in the fresh air. It’s a no smoking zone. Open whenever the weather permits!


  • Like desks, lockers are first come, first served. You’re free to stash your stuff while working here or while running out for other meetings, but don’t forget to clear your locker when you leave for the day, as Prosper staff will empty them at night.