Meet Chanda Burrage, Prosper Goworker in Crown Heights

This month, Prosper Gowork is honoring the accomplishments of the women in our ranks. For our second spotlight, meet Chanda Burrage!

Chanda works out of our Crown Heights office and here’s what we learned about her:

What area of work are you in? Organizational Leadership / Sustainability 

How do you plan to honor Women’s History Month? I plan to write a daily post about a female “disrupter” – women shaking up the world through innovation and advocacy.


What are some personal achievements that you’re proud of? I have successfully completed bachelors and masters degrees in biology, biomedical engineering and international affairs. I’m completing doctoral work in Geography and Organizational Leadership. I have managed research labs and nonprofit projects. I am currently working as a social entrepreneur and founder of “Social DisWRuptr” – which supports my nonprofit org World Rhythm Academy.

Name a woman hero of yours! Wangari Maathai – Nobel Laureate, Kenyan activist and founder of the Green belt Movement
Chanda can be found at:
@chandaburrage (IG, twitter) 




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