Cherise, Prosper Goworker

Meet the Goworkers: Cherise Tricia Fung

Cherise, Prosper Goworker

Name: Cherise Tricia Fung


From: born in NW DC, came of age in Ithaca, NY and learned to drive-debuted-found and lost myself in NJ (Netcong, Flanders, Fair Lawn, and Jersey City).  Happily settling into middle age now in Brooklyn.


Job: Concierge services for social dancers + Events management for providers of dance, music & art; Prosper Gowork Site-Management #Broadway; Web Production/Virtual Assistance.

Here’s what a typical day in your life looks like:

I usually don’t have a typical anything, except feed the cats.  Every day is malleable and I do my best to roll with whatever comes my way.  I’ve worn many hats– typical days in the past have ranged from wrangling maggots for an entomology lab, holding poses for fledgling artists, caring for homebound seniors’ pets, to assisting dancers at an Argentine tango studio and fusion tango dance company.  The only consistent things are that I always like to put together my own tool kits for the jobs I do, take great pride in my rolling office and my KIT and Spotify lists.

What is the best thing about being your own boss (or working remotely)?

Being flexible enough to creatively solve challenges.  Not having to ask permission first or forgiveness later to do something that can help me get the results I want.  “Control” (hah) over my time.

What’s the worst?

Workaholism – falling into the trap of never turning “off”.  Multi-tasking – still haven’t fully mastered the art of cat care, creating something on the computer and doing laundry all at the same time.  I should and DO know better– our brains aren’t wired to perform multiple activities well.

Where did you work before you discovered Prosper?

Trains, buses, public transit hubs, a tango studio, La Nacional (a milonga, aka tango party), my kitchen, living room and bed.  Set a reminder on my phone that I now have a proper and aesthetically pleasing office to gowork.

Which is your favorite spot to work in Prosper’s 1024 Broadway space?

The greenhouse level’s sofa!  Elena tells me I’m the first to pick that spot.  [feline smugness] 🙂 If somebody’s in my spot, then the nook downstairs behind the bookcase in the library.

What does the word “Gowork” mean to you?

Hunker down, plug in, connect to mobile hotspot and get stuff done.

What do you hope to achieve in 2018?

Prospering– that mythical work-life balance (like taking time off to watch AMC’s 31-hour Marvel Marathons because Ican). Tangibly launching various startups and intellectual properties* and refining their concepts and workflows to maximize spice cash flow.  The time to hypothesize is over, I’m more than ready for the ROI now.

*My Many Hats: consumer concierge services and B2B events management services, site-management; web producer/virtual assistant; geeky dance storyteller, and special needs cat care coach.

Technomancy33r (formerly Automagic Assistant): Virtual assistance, organization, productivity and life-hacking for non-technical creative folk.

To-Be-Named Non-Profit (“Whisker Woven”): Sanctuary for elderly and chronically ill cats funded through fair trade and fair labor handmade crafts.

HourCon: Media conventions and events for the Modern Renaissance Geek.

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