Meet the Goworkers: Jonathan Kalan

Meet Jonathan Kalan, Co-Founder and CEO of Unsettled. He’s from Connecticut, originally, but has lived in about a dozen places in between there and here!

 How He Does It

Jonathan has been his own boss or working with small startup teams his entire life. “I’ve never quite experienced anything different. But for me, the freedom of setting my own schedule – even if it’s always packed – is the greatest benefit. I’ve worked from boats, trains, villas, remote islands, and everything in between, and often find myself most productive when I’m on the move.”

While it’s great that he gets to work and travel, Jonathan finds limitations in his on-the-road lifestyle. “Working while traveling usually means you’re working more than traveling. It takes effort to stop working and to make time for exploring. It also takes effort to find true mentors and people who can provide valuable guidance.”


Wake up, and walk/bike to the office. Settle in with a cup of coffee, and dive into a marathon of calls with my team spread out between 5-10 different timezones. After that, I’m usually developing marketing strategies, planning out new locations, and helping my team move forward. If I have time in the evening, I’ll go for a swim over at St. Johns Rec Center, or take a bike ride in Prospect Park.”

Before discovering Prosper Gowork, Jonathan mostly worked from home, about half a dozen coffee shops in Brooklyn, or the TED office in NYC. Now, his favorite spot to work in Prosper’s 1024 Broadway space is in one of the phone booths!

“I often find myself in the first booth on the right for a quick call… and 8 hours later I’m still there. It’s easy to tune out of the world in there. I have yet to go explore and work from downstairs, so I guess when I need a change in scenery I’ll head down below and see what happens!”

What “gowork” means to him?Get. Sh*t. Done.”

Jonathan and his co-founder hope to have landed on a growth strategy that keeps Unsettled in business for decades to come in 2018.

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