Prosper Goworker Michi Turner

Meet The Goworkers: Michi Turner

Michi Turner

From: Greenpoint (originally from San Francisco, CA)

Job: Freelance designer/illustrator

Here’s what a typical day in the life of Michi looks like: Kids, Work, Kids, Work, Kids, Work. (Mix in running, drawing, reading, eating).

What is the best thing about being your own boss? Not taking the L train every morning.

What’s the worst? Working nights and weekends.

Where did you work before you discovered Prosper? A number of coffee shops in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area as well as my home office.

Which is your favorite spot to work in Prosper’s 1024 Broadway space? I haven’t tried them all yet, but I’m excited to try out one of the phone booths!

What does the word “Gowork” mean to you? Hustling! Getting work done, wherever, whenever.

What do you hope to achieve in 2018? More drawing. More reading. More running. More music.

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