Prosper Goworker Kyle Twitchell

Meet Kyle: Prosper Goworker in Bushwick

Meet Kyle Twitchell, Structural Engineer from TELYK ENGINEERING a Goworker who works out of Prosper Gowork in Bushwick.

Tell us more about what you do!
I save your life everyday the wind blows. Being a structural engineer I am responsible for designing buildings and spaces that you might live in or visit one day. I also inspect and review buildings for their potential.

Here’s what a typical day in your life looks like: A variety, I can be hanging from the side of a building to being buried in calculations and CAD. I frequently am visiting construction sites and buildings, while balancing my time in the office.

What is the best thing about being your own boss (or working remotely)?
I finally not putting money in someone else’s pocket other than my own, while being able to pursue my passions.

What’s the worst?
Admin stuff. All the admin time….extra time I don’t have.

Prosper Goworker Kyle TwitchellWhere did you work before you discovered Prosper?
Home and coffee shops. Oh and that thing called a corporate office.

Which is your favorite spot to work in Prosper’s Bushwick space?
Well I am looking forward to seeing what it is like to work outside during the summer. Otherwise, GH Right 1. I like that I can find focus in there.

What does the word “Gowork” mean to you?
It means that there is a place to go and focus without being distracted. I like that we seem to be a group of people that are focused on working and getting things done.

What do you hope to achieve in 2019?
Moving from just structural engineering towards doing development work. Just looking for the right opportunity.

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