Meet Monica Olmstead, Prosper Goworker in Bushwick

This month, Prosper Gowork is honoring the accomplishments of the women in our ranks. For our sixth spotlight, meet Monica Olmstead!

Monica works out of our Bushwick office and here’s what we learned about her:

What area of work are you in? Partner Account Manager at Sesame Software, a B2B data management software company

How do you plan to honor Women’s History Month? By taking the time to vocalize my appreciation for the strong ladies in my life and by making time for my damn self.

What are some personal achievements that you’re proud of? I’m the proud mother of a rambunctious seven month old, Im proud of my creative work in the post-punk music duo Courtship Ritual, and I am full of skills and surprises:)

Name a woman hero of yours! Grace Jones, Louise Bourgeois, my grandmother Gloria Lawrence, R.I.P. Grandma
Monica can be found at:
@courthshipritual (social media)

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