Meet Sami Main, Prosper Goworker in Bushwick

This month, Prosper Gowork is honoring the accomplishments of the women in our ranks. For our first spotlight, meet Sami Main!

Sami works out of our Crown Heights office and here’s what we learned about her:

What area of work are you in?  Life coaching and writing

How do you plan to honor Women’s History Month?  I’ll be finding little ways to uplift some of the important women in my life. Expect lots of random flower deliveries!

What are some personal achievements that you’re proud of?  In 2018, I published my first book (How to Deal: Tarot for Everyday Life) with Harper Collins. I got the idea for it right after my job was cut in a round of layoffs at BuzzFeed, and I wrote it while holding down a full-time social media job. Go me!

Name a woman hero of yours! I recently learned about Emily Post’s life — she was an incredible woman who started her career over so many times and worked hard despite her privilege in society. Pretty cool!

Sami can be found at: and @samimain on social media

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