Meet Taya Delanoy, Prosper Ambassador

Taya Odessa Delanoy

From: New York City

Job: Community Ambassador at Prosper Gowork Bushwick

Tell us more about what you do! 

I am a Community Ambassador for Prosper Gowork Bushwick. I’m responsible for maintaining an impeccable workspace for our members when they come to work and study. I also handle General Office Admin on behalf of the Prosper organization.

Here’s what a typical day in your life looks like:

My typical day is wake up, get ready, have some iced coffee and come to work where I make sure everything is still standing and in great condition with any general duties of mine. 

What is the best thing about being your own boss (or working remotely)? 

Taking control of what I want to do and to make decisions without always having to call on somebody to tell me what to do. 

What’s the worst?

Waking up early to go to work, but that’s a necessity because the early bird gets the worm. 

Where did you work before you discovered Prosper? 

I worked as a retail Sales Associate where I was responsible for reaching quotas set by senior management. My job responsibilities included maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction which I am happy to bring to my role at Prosper

Which is your favorite spot to work in your preferred Prosper location?  

My favorite spot to work at in the Bushwick location is by the front of the office so I can take account of who is coming in the office and familiarize myself with new members or just get to know the members that are already signed up. Another favorite spot of mine is in one of the green private rooms just because it’s extremely quiet and you can get more done without any distractions.

What does the word “Gowork” mean to you? 

The word “Gowork” means exactly what it says – to GO WORK. To me, it means that this is a place to be productive and achieve your goals, rather than to come to the office to just lounge around.  

What do you hope to achieve in 2019? 

To excel in my job and continue to do my very best. Also, to bring in more members or create new ideas to innovate into the work area. 


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