Spinster: Building Women’s Businesses

We feel honored to connect with Spinster, an inspiring collective of experienced female consultants empowering women-founded startups to grow to their full potential.

After years in the corporate world, the founders of Spinster were tired of seeing women constantly stuck a few steps behind. Considering that for every one startup founded by a man, five are founded by women, it is rather defeating to hear that women received only 2% of VC funding last year. The boss women of Spinster are here to help change that percentage. They pride themselves in bringing a realistic approach into your thinking space. Rather than pushing you and your company not to fail, they say fail less.

Whether you’re at step 1 or step 10, Spinster can help you move forward and in the right direction.  Taking the next step in your business venture doesn’t have to be scary, and with the right resources, tactical tools, and advisors you’ll confidently make it out on top. With a handful of different service options, there are consulting choices for every type of company and each budget to match. If you’re hesitant to ask for help, you can begin with just one of their 45 minute consulting sessions, which they compare to a casual coffee date with a friend where you ask to “pick their brain”, only this time you’re receiving honest and realistic advice from professionals and heading out with an organized list of actionable steps to take.

Their Office Hours are one-off consulting sessions that are ideal for startups hoping to gain strategic insight based on their brand’s current internal marketing models. If you have an idea of the rising problem area of your business, here is your chance to ask the right questions and nip the issue in the bud. A good option is to create a package of four 45-minute, one-on-one meetings with one of their knowledge marketing or business development consultants.

If you want to dive deeper into your business’s concerns and you consider your startup self-aware, you may want to go with one of their most popular offerings – Business Health Evaluations. These 75-minute evaluations (with your choice of a Spinster marketing or business consultant) will identify and diagnose problems within your company in order to optimize various areas of your marketing or financial systems for successful business performance. Spinster is here to help you, which means they’re always open to custom designing a structure that meets your need and budget.

As a community that supports and encourages creative and driven enterprisers, we’re thrilled to collaborate with this company to offer our female entrepreneurial members one free session of Spinster’s office hours and 20% off three additional sessions. With these sessions typically running at $80, our Prosper Gowork members can receive this package for $192 while it’s valued at $320. And the answer is yes, you read that correctly.

Spinster has raised more than $350,000 for companies and helped over 20 women owned startups and female-focused organizations thrive and scale all over the world. Your dream is next.

Find more information at https://www.spinster.io

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