Thanks for a Successful Food Drive!

Goworkers, your heartfelt food donations have been received by the CAMBA Beyond Hunger Emergency Food Pantry with a gracious thank you from both the Prosper team and members of CAMBA’s staff. Your generous donations will help feed less fortunate Brooklynites during the holiday season where the need is felt most. The amazing response and willingness to give on the part of the Goworking community is very telling of the generous spirit of our members that we hold dear and try to encourage whenever possible. The featured photo is just a portion of the non-perishable contributions brought in by Prosper members! Staff members at CAMBA’s Flatbush locale are very appreciative of the effort and want to express their gratitude towards our members over and over. They highlighted how far these donations would go and immediately got to work stocking the shelves with our donated goods. It’s warming to know that a small act on our part can directly impact someone else’s life in greater ways than we could imagine!

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