Prosper Talks?

Ever wondered what everyone else is up to at Prosper Gowork? We all have skills and stories to share, which is why we’re so thrilled to introduce Prosper Talks. Each month a …

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Don’t Gowork Hungry. Introducing Restaurant Discounts!

If you’re hungry, we have some exciting news to share with our members! We’ve partnered with a variety of local restaurants in the Bushwick area to give you even more value to your Prosper Gowork membership. Enjoy a leisurely snack filled late afternoon or help fuel your work day by grabbing a bite at Leaf, Bodeguita, or La Lupe to receive 15% off your meal.

So What is Goworking?

Goworking is the practice of conducting business fluidly, at any time in any location; a concept every freelance worker is familiar with. If you often work from home you’re no stranger to …

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