March is Women’s History Month!

Women’s History Month is a special time to honor women in our lives and throughout history that continue to break barriers, uphold society, and be phenomenal overall! Women’s integral contributions to American History continue to inform the way we as a Nation value inclusivity and equality. The journey is ever-evolving, and now’s a great time to reflect on where we stand with furthering the progression of that movement; look around and seek ways to uplift and support the women around you!

  • Call or write a letter to a woman relative or friend to check in with how they’re doing and to thank them for contributing to your life in a meaningful way
  • Support women-owned businesses
  • Learn about great women throughout history
  • Support a local Girl’s Club or Youth Center that focuses on empowering girls to pursue a wide range of interests

*Womxn of the Prosper Community: We’d love to highlight you and all the interesting and notable things you have going on! If you’re interested in being featured in an upcoming March blog post, please reach out to !

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