Meet Dr. Shenell Evans, Prosper Goworker in Bushwick + Crown Heights, Brooklyn


Dr. Shenell Evan

From: Originally from Arkansas. Living in Bed Stuy.

Job: Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Resilience Psychological Services PLLC

Here’s what a typical day in your life looks like: My practice is a hybrid in which I provide virtual and face to face services. Wherever I work, I spend my days supporting, counseling, and coaching adults to show up how they want in the world.

What is the best thing about your work? I enjoy helping people move from internal chaos into a perceived sense of order and clarity of their intentions and actions they’d like to take.

What’s the worst? I dislike how the healthcare system has evolved and often hampers the helping/healing process.

Where did you work before you discovered Prosper? I’ve worked in a variety of settings: Community mental health clinics, state hospitals, academic research institutions, and private practice.

What does Gowork mean to you? I love the name Prosper GoWork because the intention is front and center. I desire to prosper and that requires that I go to work!

What are your goals for 2019? As we close out this year, I’m focused on continuing to implement systems that will help me move closer on my path of being a transformational speaker, 100% location-independent, and an around the clock earner of pajama profits from online product sales.

How has it been working at Prosper so far? Anything we can do to make it more awesome?I really enjoy Prosper. I have used both locations. I appreciate the responsiveness of the staff when anything has needed attention.

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