Meet Patrice Williams, Prosper Goworker in Crown Heights

This month, Prosper Gowork is honoring the accomplishments of the women in our ranks. For our fifth spotlight, meet Patrice Williams!

Patrice works out of our Crown Heights office and here’s what we learned about her:

What area of work are you in? Media (Travel and lifestyle writer and on-air host)

How do you plan to honor Women’s History Month? For Women’s History Month, like every month, I’m being intentional about making sure I’m working with and extending opportunities to other women, particularly women of color. As a freelancer, I can get so focused on self and the hustle, so I’ve tried to be more aware of sharing resources, knowledge and opportunities with other amazing women.


What are some personal achievements that you’re proud of? I’m proud of specific achievements like appearing on the Today Show multiple times and writing a book, but in general, I’m proud I’ve built a career around what I love.

Name a woman hero of yours! Octavia Butler: bold, brilliant, and she instilled an appreciate for sci-fi lit within me
Patrice can be found at:
@PatriceJWill (social media)

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